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The staff of Muslim Marriage Link is fully dedicated to helping Muslims become strong, compatible couples who can enjoy lasting marriages. Part of the way we support these unions is by engaging, counseling and advising with members on how to find the right mates and build enduring Islam marriages. With that said, the Holy Qur’an has a great deal of insight into these concepts as well.

When you consult with the advisors in our Muslim marriage network, you can take confidence that their suggestions will be backed by precepts laid forth in the Qur’an. And as you continue to use our online tools and chat features, we hope that you will find it easy to grow in faith as you search for the person who may someday become your husband or wife.

Muslim Marriage Network with Results

It is a simple fact that some marriages fail despite the best efforts of spouses to keep the unions together. But with rates of divorce surging both within and outside of the Muslim world, the need for a Muslim marriage network such as Muslim Marriage Link has never been more critical.

Unfortunately, many marriages fail because, in a rush to become married, couples neglect to fully understand and appreciate one another first. Sometimes, when couples begin to really get to know one another only after they’ve already married, they discover that they weren’t as compatible as they originally thought. The Muslim Marriage Link seeks to heighten this level of understanding and communication, to better afford American Muslim men and women the opportunity to find compatible partners.

As you’ll see when you browse through the Success Story section of matrimony.org, establishing this understanding first can lead to much happier and longer lasting unions.

Building American Muslim Communities Online

Although there are many historically and culturally rich Islamic communities in the United States, many Muslims find it difficult to meet other devout adults in some areas of the country. For the American Muslim community in particular, the capabilities of Muslim Marriage Link are invaluable. Using just the free features of matrimony.org, you can find other marriage-minded Muslims in your own community, perhaps introducing you to nearby Muslims who you never knew lived so close. The power of our site to help establish strong Islam marriages may be what brought you here, but as you begin to learn your way around matrimony.org, you’ll see how effectively it can be used to establish lasting friendships and communities as well.

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