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Muslim Online Dating Taken Slowly

Sometimes it can be very difficult to determine if you are actually ready for marriage. If this is a current dilemma for you, experiences with Muslim online dating can help you to better understand your spiritual and emotional states, helping to make it clear if you are truly ready.

Our Muslim dating site has been designed for Muslims who are seriously pursuing marriage, but is open to those who may still be in the preparation stages. All single Muslims who are committed to their faith and interested in meeting others in the Muslim community are welcome and encouraged to join. When you determine that you are ready to get married, you may already have an established online network of contacts and friends to help you make the transition into married adulthood.

Single Muslims Know What’s Important

Those who follow the Qur’an faithfully and obey Islamic law know precisely what is important when seeking and selecting a spouse. Though true love and compatibility are not to be discounted, it is faith that draws devout single Muslims close to one another and keeps them together for the duration of their lives.

At Muslim Marriage Link, we’re proud to bring together Muslims for whom their faith is the driving force behind all that they do and believe. Yet, at the same time, we also encourage Muslims to share their personal interests, beliefs, attitudes and even quirks, making Islamic dating more comfortable and future married couples more compatible. Without ever losing sight of what is truly important, you can use this tool to meet someone extraordinarily special.

Islamic Dating with Guardians Present

According to Islamic custom, courting couples must always be accompanied by at least one wali, or guardian, when in close contact. This aspect of Islamic dating can seem like an imposition at times, but it does not have to be. Before meeting with a date in the company of a wali, relax and pray so that you are comfortable and collected. Just like in Muslim online dating, you should use this opportunity to really communicate and get to understand how the other person thinks, acts and views the world. You can essentially act as if the wali is not even there, provided that you do it respectfully and remain within the confines of Islamic law. It is possible to share openly, speak freely and think independently so that you do not allow the presence of your wali to distract you from the goal of better understanding your partner.