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Single Muslims Reaching for Guidance

One of the best aspects of getting married in Islam is the simple fact that you are never alone. Family members, religious leaders and friends in faith routinely advise and counsel single Muslims throughout the courting and marriage processes. If you are just beginning the search for your life partner, selecting a mutual mentor for you and your spouse-to-be may be very helpful.

You can also request guidance from the staff here at Muslim Marriage Link. Unlike many other Muslim dating sites, we provide direct help and expertise to our members. Just use the information in our Contact Us page to e-mail our advisors with questions about the site or about building strong Islamic marriages.

Communicating on Muslim Dating Sites

First impressions are just as important in the world of online dating as they are in the real world. In fact, they may be even more important; as you browse through Muslim dating sites, skipping a profile and moving on to the next is just as easy as clicking your mouse. Without the benefit of face-to-face contact, you may not get a second glance if your profile doesn’t include enough information about what makes you special.

When filling out your Muslim matchmaking profile, it’s good to try to make it interesting and engaging while being perfectly honest. Uploading photos is strongly encouraged, as is proofreading your profile for spelling and grammatical errors. You can even write your profile and run a spell and grammar check first to be sure it shows you in your best light.

Muslim Matchmaking and Physical Attraction

As we’ve mentioned above and elsewhere throughout matrimony.org, we encourage our members to create detailed profiles. These make Muslim matchmaking easier because they allow members to understand each other on a much deeper level than one would with relative strangers in other situations.

But we must also acknowledge that compatibility is not simply a spiritual, emotional or intellectual concern; successful couples must also be physically attracted to each other.

If you are considering not uploading a photo to share with other single Muslims because of concerns about vanity, you should know that the Qur’an actually discusses physical attraction as a key criterion in spouse selection. Though secondary to religious concerns, it is an important element of compatibility that helps make strong marriages even stronger.